Tetra Ethyl Thiuram Disulfide (Disulfiram USP)

Tetra Ethyl Thiuram Disulfide (Disulfiram USP) is used in treatment of alcohol addiction.  It is formulated as a Tablet and usual strength is 200mg. Disulfiram is the main ingredient in Antabuse alcohol de-addiction drugs worldwide. Disulfiram is a drug used to support the treatment of chronic alcoholism by producing an acute sensitivity to alcohol. Trade names for Disulfiram in different countries are Antabuse and Antabus. Disulfiram is also being studied as a treatment for cocaine dependence, as it prevents the breakdown of dopamine. Several studies have reported that it has anti-protozoan activity as well.

 Chemical Structure Molecular Formula Physical Appearance Assay
C2H5     S       S     C2H5
    ||       ||    
    N- C- S- S- C- N    
C2H5                   C2H5
White or almost white crystalline powder 98.5 to 101.0 % (w/w) on dried basis
Molecular Weight CAS N o.


296.5 97-77-8 25 Kg HDPE carboys