Potassium Di Methyl Dithio Carbamate (PDMDC)

It is used in the manufacture of water treatment chemicals as micro biocide in Anti-Algae and Anti fungi water treatment. PDMDC is used in the manufacture of Ziram fungicide.

CAS No Chemical Structure Molecular Formula Physical Appearance Strength
128-03-0 (CH3)2 - N - CS2 - K C3H6NS2K Straw yellow to
yellow color liquid
38 to 40% aqueous solution
pH Free Alkali Exp. As Na2CO3 Density at 30°C Molecular Weight Packing
9 to 10 0.1% W/W 1.17-1.18 Kgm-3 159 on 100% basis 100 Kg HDPE carboys