HSE Policies

Health & Safety (H&S)
“At ECO we are committed to set and meet the highest standards of Health & Safety.”  
In order to achieve this goal, we remain committed to 

  • Nurture and uphold a corporate culture that is aware of, and values H&S.
  • Strengthen further and implement a safe work system and occupational health processes & procedures.
  • Put in place accountability, training, and systems to ensure appropriate Health & Safety management at all levels of the Company.
  • Conduct effective communications with contractors, suppliers and business partners to ensure H&S standards & priorities of the Company are understood and respected.
  • Be prepared to respond quickly to any emergencies.



“At ECO we shall embrace improved environmental practices so as to have continual improvement in the environmental footprint of our business.” 
To achieve this, we shall

  • Continue to comply with all relevant laws and regulations, and strive to meet the leading global standards.
  • Continually improve the efficiency and optimize the use of raw materials, energy and natural resources.
  • Continue to adopt and integrate ‘Reduce’, ‘Reuse’ and ‘Recycle’ principles
  • Continue to reduce harmful emissions to air, water and land.
  • Carry on our commitment to minimize wastes and the toxicity of wastes.
  • Periodically conduct environmental impact assessment and risk assessments, and take appropriate actions.