Zinc Diethyl Dithio Carbamate (ZDC)

ZDC is a very fast curing, but too scorchy for extensive use as the sole accelerator in dry rubber compounds. It imparts high modulus to unfilled NR vulcanite, fast curing and confers good ageing properties. It gives absolutely non-staining vulcanite, free from odor and taste. A major use of ZDC in dry rubber is as a booster accelerator to speed up the thiaxzoles and sulphenamides based system, giving fast curing yet reasonably safe combinations. Mixtures of ZDC and TMT are valuable as fast curing accelerators for butyl rubber. It is also very useful for transparent rubber formulations.


Rubber vulcanization accelerant: It is a general super speed accelerant for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex. It is widely applied in white products and transparent products, usually used in the production of rubber overshoes, cable, rubber for food, rubberized fabric, medical products and latex products, gum water.

This very active accelerator is extremely popular for a wide range of latex applications. It is insoluble in water, high quality dispersions are easily prepared and used in latex foam rubber, dipped goods, latex thread and various types of latex products.

Chemical Structure  Molecular Formula  Physical Appearance  CAS No 
C2H5               C2H5 
       ||            ||         
    N-  C-  S-  Zn-  S-  C-     
C2H5                   C2H5
C10H20N2S4Zn White Powder 14324 ‐55‐1
Specific Gravity Melting Point Solubility Packing
1.47 at 25°C 178°C approx. Soluble Toluene, Insoluble in Water  20 Kg STP bags