Zinc Dibutyl Dithio Carbamate (ZDBC)

ZDBC is mainly used as a non-blooming, non-staining ultra fast primary accelerator or as a booster accelerator in NR / synthetic rubber latex compounds for the manufacture of transparent or bright coloured bloom free rubber products.

Chemical Structure Molecular Formula Physical Appearance CAS No.
C4H9     S       S     C4H9
    ||       ||    
    N- C- S- Zn- S- C- N    
C4H9                   C4H9
C18H36N2S4Zn White to Off White Powder 136-23-2
Molecular Weight Specific Gravity at 25°C Moisture Content
473 1.24 (typical) 1% at 70°C
Zinc Content
13.5-15.5%  Soluble in Benzene, Chloroform and
Ethylene Dichloride. Partly soluble in Hexane.
Insoluble in Dilute Alkali and Water.
20 Kg STP Bags
Melting Point
95% Minimum 104ºC Minimum